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I was determined to pursue a noble profession of a physician. I was lucky to be born in the family - the back ground of my Fore fathers - who had sacrificed their whole life in search of truth rending at the bed side of a river in the small village at Chimthana in district Dhulia in Maharashtra. The family had a proud tradition - right from my great grand father our family was in Homoeopathy for the over 90 years. I always had an inclination to become a Homoeopath since very young.

Dr. Abdequaem M. H. Chimthanawala is a well known Homoeopathic practitioner based in Central India, Nagpur. He has been practicing for the last 15 years.

After completing his BHMS in 94, he acquired his MD (London) in 97 and DAc in the same year. He also completing his MD in Materia Medica from Foster Development’s Homoeopathic Medical College, Aurangabad in the Year 2007.

Started Homoeopathic practice in Sitabuldi, Nagpur in Jan 95, currently attending at Mark’s Homoeopathic Pharmacy & Dispensary, Jhansi Rani Sq. Nagpur 440012. Ph: (0712) 2560363. He weekly attends Jain Dawakhana Itwari, Nagpur – 2. Also, he visits a Homoeopathic Dispensary in Navi Mumbai, once monthly. He has to his credit several lectures on Materia Medica conducted at Mayons and clinical meetings, to discuss various cases, at Mark’s Homeopathy Clinic, Nagpur.

He was past President JCI Nagpur MEDICO in Year 2008, where he won two National Awards for The Best Environment Project and Best Humainterain Project.

History :

By birth an agriculturist family having acres of land at a stretch where the horizon meets the vision at Chimthana, a small township in Dhulia in Maharashtra. However, there was a crave for expansion, within its own limitation, being a religious and pious family with future foreseeing no bar, resulted in the installation of a ginning factory, since the produce was full of cotton, just like a small Manchester in that particular area. This industry flourished in leaps and bounds to its fullest extent.

As said and practiced the Great Souls, being contended with whatever worldly riches found solace only at the Almighty's feet and His blessings. For this unquenchable thirst for truth, They left all the worldly riches and migrated to Nagpur.

Here again one of the sons of the great doyen, Dr. Mukhtar Abdul Husein S. took up the reign and started serving the poor human flock through Homoeopathy and one day became the renowned Homoeopath of that time in Central India.

With this small venture His Eldest Son started a pharmacy dispensing Homoeopathic medicine to his like minded persons and thereby established a full fledged Homoeopathic store in the year 1922.

When the sun was at its zenith, the propagation of Homoeopathy was at its peak.

The time was ripe enough to present Homoeopathic medicines preparing in a rigidly scientific way by qualified persons. Thus the saddle was entrusted in the hands of the third generation, Dr. Abdequaem


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