Vijay Francis
I’m Vijay Francis, I was suffering from hypercholesterolemia I was taking medicine from dr abdequam within a month the cholesterol has come down and the entire lipid profile shows improvement. I strongly recommend dr abdequam for high cholesterol treatment.

Sumi Bose
Sumi Bose, I was suffering from caudoequino syndrome. I could not walk all my activites had hamoered, I had a fear of being sacked from my job I tried lots of therapies but nothing gave me complete relief. I contacted dr sab through my friend in jabalpur who had a problem of cord compression and had benefited from dr abdequam’s treatment. I was also operated but no relief. For the past 3 months I am taking treatment from dr. abdequam and I am 90% better. Thank u dr abdquam for the same.

Manjeri pujari
Manjeri pujari, nagpur I am a 60yr old lady suffering from chronic renal failure, was on dialysis the only treatment left for me was kidney transplant which was also impossible for me I started the treatment the creatine count was 9.50 within a span of 2 months the creatine count came down to 1.9 the dialysis was stopped I am lesding a normal life without restrictions doing household as if I did not suffer from this dreaded disease. Thanks to dr abdequam he was god send for me my good wishes to him for the future.

Deepak chahande
I am deepak chahande nagpur, I was suffering from coronary artery disease my left artery was completely blocked the right artery was 90% blocked I was advised coronary artery bypass graft as I could not afford the costly treratment so one of my friends told me to truy homoeopathy as I knew dr abdequam was treating lot of heart patients I went ot him in 15 days my sympotims of breathlessness was much better after 1 yr of treatment my next angiography showed the left coronary artery block totally cured the right artery block 20% block was left to the surprise of all other doctors. My cholesterol also came down to 190 from 302. today after 5 yrs also I have no complaints of heart trouble.

Mrs. Khera
Mrs. Khera, nagpur I was suffering from carotid artery block and I had lot of symptoms of syncope, vertigo, dizziness, headache I was advised to operate but I opted for homoeopathy treatment from dr abdequam after 3 months gradually my symptoms subsisded and after 8 months of treatment the entire block got cured. I thank dr for his sincxere and honest treatment.

Ramesh sharma
Ramesh sharma, bhandara I am 33 yrs old suffering from asthma my life had become miserable as I was on inhalers and could not exert myself and during change of seasons rainy and winters the problem got worse to the extent that I ahd to be hospitalized. I did many treatments but failed then I cmae in contact with dr and I have become better since 80% and now I am off inhalers and came work to my full capacity.

Mrs. vijayalxmi
Mrs. vijayalxmi, Hyderabad I was suffering from chronic acidity even on slightest and simplest food I got vomiting burning could not sleep in the night could not eat properly and mentally I used to get angry very easily even that I lost weight 10 kgs I took lot of antacids giving me temporary relief and now after homoepathic treatment I am seeing the change.

Mrs anita shukla
Mrs anita shukla, orissa I was suffering from migraine from the past 15 yrs. I had episodes of half side headache with vomiting for 3 days I could not work I was taking painkillers with only temporary relief I could not concentrate on my work now I am on the treatment for past 6 months I am 80% better with only 1 episode of migraine headache inspite of it I can work with full concentration and now I can teach my student long hours without any pain and do justice to my job as a teacher.

Noor un nisha
I had falling of hair I tried olot of shampoos and hair oils nad parpor treatments but culd not stop this hairfall. In a span of 4 months I got the much needed relief because of this I had started feeling depressed but now I can face the mirrorthe hairfall has stopped and the hair has become thicker and frowth has increased. I thank my doctoe for his sincre effort and giving me confidenced.

Pt xyz
Pt xyz, nagpur I was suffering from glaucoma and had severe heaviness in the eyes the pressure was left eye 24 and rt eye 26. actually I dodnt believe in homeopathy but my family conveinved me and the pressure came down to 16 and 18 esp. to my surprise and the ophthalmologist was surprised nad glad and has told me to continue the treatment. After 7 months of treatment the pressure are manitianed and I feel absolutely curedandfresh. Thank my doctor for saving my eyes and visison. This has reinstated my faith in homoeopathy.


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