Case Study
Breast Cancer
Monaa Ansari
She was suffering from right sided breast cancer and was suggested surgical removal of the breast for the same. She was middle aged. She was not willing to be operated and could not afford it. She came for the treatment. After starting the treatment within a week her appetite improved, her restlessness and irritability reduced. She started feeling better in the mental sphere - she became positive. After 3 months of treatment she got swelling on the right hand which she had 5 years ago which was treated at that time and suppressed. This swelling was following Hering’s Law of Cure (disease disappears in the reverse order of appearance). After 3 months she started getting itching on the arm and on the breast which she had before the swelling. This was another expression of Hering’s Law of Cure and in the course of 10 months her report of biopsy was normal. The patient was cured as per the Homoeopathic principles.
Heart - Case of coronary artery disease & Dyslipidemia cured
This case is close to my heart. My first case of this kind - A case of coronary artery disease. Left coronary artery 100% blocked and right coronary artery 90% blocked. Pt had severe dysponea, pain in the chest, was on conventional treatment. Doctors advised bypass surgery asap. But as the pt could not afford he opted for Homoeopathy. When he came to the clinic we were skeptical to take the case. He could not do without a sorbitrate. Such a bad condition he was in. After detailed case taking to his surprise and my relief, in 6 days the dysponea was much less. After a month’s follow up he said that he could climb the stairs of the temple without any dysponea. More surprising was when he told me that in past 7 days he was not taking any sorbitrate tablet. After 4 months with our treatment he stopped all other medications and started showing marked improvement. During the course of the treatment he developed symptoms like recurrent acidity, sinusitis and recurrent cough and cold (Hering’s Law of Cure). After 14 months he got eruptions on the skin of the back (Hering’s Law of Cure). He started living a normal life but he wanted to ensure whether Homoeopathy could reverse the coronary arterial block. He went for a repeat angiography of the coronary artery. The results were positive! Both the arteries showed reversal of block, in fact the left artery showed 100% reversal and the right artery only 20% of block remaining, which is normal. Even the cholesterol that was 300 mg/ dl came down to 190 mg/dl. After 6 yrs he has no symptoms of hypercholesterolemia or heart block . He is leading a healthy normal life.
Brain -Case of carotid artery block
R Khera
A lady of 60 yrs came to me with severe pain in the head with blurring of vision and vertigo. She was taking treatment without any relief. She was advised Carotid Doppler study which showed calcification in the carotid artery. When we started the treatment, within 5 days time she started feeling relief. Though the pain was there she could bare it and do her day to day activity. As the time progressed her recovery was gradual and her general health kept improving. As she was not in Nagpur, over the phone she kept complaining of recurrent blockage of nose which according to Homoeopathy is a good sign, we were happy as she was showing recovery – Hering’s Law of Cure. In about 5 months time we repeated her Carotid Doppler study and we found a miraculous result. Both her carotid arteries showed normal study that is blocks were removed.
Case of infertility concieved after 9 yrs of marriage
Mrs. xyz
Patients could not concieve for 9 yrs due to pcod & high cortisal level & DHEA after treatment of 9 months became pregnent & all reports of DHEA ,,CORTISOL cam to normal --please see reports attached
Case of dyslipidema ( high cholestrol)
Mohd. Ayub
Patients Mr. Mohd Ayub came for treatment of high cholestrol & dyspone and ecerction,,after treatment of 2 months cholestrol came to normal & his symptoms of dysponea also were better ,,please see the reports attached.
Case of polycystic ovary
Manisha Gupta
Patients came for treatment of PCOD & irregular menses after treatment of 4 months her PCOD came to normal with normal menstrual cycle ,,please see the reports attached


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